Serpent Egg and the Sunken Temple


The latest Outpost for settlements is here! The Sunken Temple is now available to be conquered. Take advantage of these new plots and territories to grow your resource stores and further grow your population.

The newest Dragon of Atlantis is the Mephitic Serpent. This caustic swamp dragon is one of Atlantis’ fastest and it alone is the only dragon to possess short range attack power only, making him formidable in close quarters.

Living amongst the old ruins are the Venom Dwellers. These intelligent frog-like beings revere the Serpent as a god. With a Mephitic Serpent in your stable of dragons, the Venom Dwellers will fight with you, for a price. Strong as well as agile, they possess similar qualities to the vicious Fangtooths. The also have the special ability to bore into stone with their natural acids, giving them added damage when hitting a highly durable Granite Ogre.

Acquire your Serpent Egg today and take advantage of the newest comers to Atlantis!

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