Gaea Spring & Crested Egg

Citizens of Atlantis,

I bring news of an event within the forests of Atlantis. Places where magic and nature meet. This convergence is known as a Gaea Spring. These Gaea Springs are the most fertile lands in Atlantis. Any resource generating building built on these grounds will yield resources twice as fast as we are accustomed. Further more, the rare dragon of these springs, the Amber Crest Dragon, has resource generation abilities as well. When sent to a wilderness, this dragon can summon massive amounts of the corresponding resource.

Don’t hesitate and prepare to capture these valuable new territories! Available now for presale is the Ark of Gaea. Within it is all that you need to establish your own spring and outfit your own Amber Crest Dragon as well as some rare items! Soon, these territories will open for settlement and those who possess this rare egg now will be able to begin harvesting the benefits immediately.

The Crested Egg will not only open the spring to you, but it will also allow you to train the massive guardians of the forest that will soon awaken…


Gaea Spring & Crested Egg

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4 Responses to Gaea Spring & Crested Egg

  1. Mohammad Akmal says:

    I always to know where i can find amber cristed egg.

    • DOAG Support says:

      as of today 3/21/12 it is still only available to ruby players and can not be found in the wild. Hang in there, should be available soon! :) … or spend money and buy it in the shop.

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