Maximum Requests Exceeded Error Message?

Maximum Requests Exceeded … ??? WTF??

Ok, so I finally got my helio egg and set up my solarian outpost. Since you get 1.5 idle population per house on that outpost, of course I built around 10 houses right away. Then I upgraded them to lvl 2, 3 and started to work on lvl 4 when I got …

exceeded the maximum requests

So, I got kicked off for an hour, really kabam??? Players can build unlimited troops, have endless negative hourly food, but there is a limit to server requests??

SHOCKER … what are the maximum requests? can someone tell me where they say that?

Anyone else ever see this? I noticed a good discussion about it in the forum, CLICK HERE

Leave your comments below about exceeded the maximum requests troubles.

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4 Responses to Maximum Requests Exceeded Error Message?

  1. W4RPRI3ST says:

    Yep, got this msg just now. It’s pretty annoying I must admit. Kabam has done a lot to fix stability and I’m grateful: The server overload troubles are much better. Just please don’t take steps backwards now. And please don’t ever really try to make people play in one instance at a time, it will make the game way less fun. Don’t listen to the complainers. They are probably playing in too many tabs and of course it will slow down their flash. I don’t have a superfast computer (1.25 MB RAM) and even when the server gets slow I can have up to 3 instances open and operate between them just fine with acceptable slow down. Don’t know if you know this, but this is adds to the fun tremendously. I’m not sure I’d play at all if I couldn’t ‘multi-instance’. Now there’s a limit to how many times I can hit the same spot looking for armor!?!? Seriously, the WTF is seconded here.

    • DOAGsupport says:

      I hear ya, totally annoying. Good thing I’m not trying to rank in the tournament either, they add leaderboards and then limit your activity … kinda messed up, huh?

  2. jdoes says:

    Simplest way to avoid max request limit is to use a script, this lets you adjust the rate at which you farm and build etc. No script player I know is ever blocked, only keyboard users.

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