How to find elemental dragon eggs

How to find elemental dragon eggs?

You need to find the EGGS in order. Water then Stone then Fire then Wind.

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Water Dragon Egg:
In Lakes level 5 and higher

Stone Dragon Egg:
In Hills Level 7 and higher

Fire Dragon Egg:
In Mountains Level 7 and higher

Wind Dragon Egg:
In Savannahs Level 7 and higher

Great Dragon Armor:
In Anthropus Camps level 5 and higher

Water Dragon Armor:
In Lakes level 7 and higher

Stone Dragon Armor:
In Hills level 7 and higher

Fire Dragon Armor:
In Mountains level 7 and higher

Wind Dragon Armor:
In Savannahs Level 7 and higher

Although, it is possible find a later egg before building the outpost of the previous egg.

i.e you found water egg.. then you can find stone egg without building water outpost.

But the water outpost will be need to be built before you try to build the stone outpost.

The armour can only be found once you have create your respective elemental outpost, the armor can be found in any order.

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  1. ALD says:

    with u tell how get other dragons plz

  2. David says:

    Er sorry for my noobness can you give me a hint on how many soldier to send example the basic soldier because i am only lictor with 2300 power and i really want to find my great dragon armour so i would wish you can help me in my quest thanks. Questions 1:How many basic soldier must i send to conquer a antropust camp lvl 5 and above? Question 2 : How many soldier must i send the minimum to find all the elemental dragons egg and their armours. Thanks

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