dragons of atlantis items guide

dragons of atlantis items guide for Citizens of Atlantis!

these days seem to be frustrating with the extremely low item drop rates … Do not expect to get items with every attack. Eggs are RARE drops. Expect hundreds/thousands of attacks to farm it.

There’s a chance in every wild/camp of the proper lvl for item drops. There’s not a set number assigned, it’s a random percentage chance, ie a roll of the dice, spin of the wheel. Realms being full have no effect. Other people getting them first has no effect.

Just keep hitting the closest wilderness that’s the highest level you can manage.

Each Anthropus Camp attack has the potential to uncover special items! Lower level camps are known to drop various Speed-Ups! Venture into higher level camps to reclaim Great Dragon Armor pieces, necessary to begin Aerial Combat Training.

Use your Great Dragon to attack Wildernesses and uncover key items that will expand your empire.

Locations of items in Anthropus Camps and Wildernesses …

Here are where items can currently be found in-game:

speed ups
lvl 1-4 drop speed ups but they hardly ever drop any more

Items like blink, etc are dropped in anthropous camps levels 1-4. They aren’t particularly common, but diligence can net you a few. There need not be a great dragon present to loot them.

Great Dragon Armor:
In Anthropus Camps level 5 and higher

According to the forums, Great Dragon or elemental dragon must be included in any march for the following Egg or Armor.

Water Dragon Armor:
In Lakes level 7 and higher

Stone Dragon Armor:
In Hills level 7 and higher

Lava/Fire Dragon Armor:
In Mountains level 7 and higher

Wind Dragon Armor:
In Savannahs Level 7 and higher

Frost Dragon armor
In Mountains level 7 and higher

Spectral OP
Wraith Dragon Remains:
Head – Level 7 and above Forests
Body – Level 7 and above Hills
Tail – Level 7 and above Lakes
Talons – Level 7 and above Mountains

Water Dragon Egg:
In Lakes level 5 and higher

Kabam has gone and made things even worse by making us use the Battle Dragon in order to find Water Dragon Item

dragons of Atlantis items guide

Stone Dragon Egg:
In Hills Level 7 and higher

Fire Dragon Egg:
In Mountains Level 7 and higher

Keep in mind it is not possible to acquire Fire Dragon Armor unless you have already created your Fire Dragon Outpost

Wind Dragon Egg:
The egg of the Wind Dragon, along with its rare armor pieces, can be found in the wildernesses of Atlantis in Savannas of level 7 or higher.

Fangtooth Respirators:
In Lakes and Anthropus Camps Level 7 and higher

Glowing Mandrakes:
In Hills and Anthropus Camps Level 7 and higher

Volcanic Runes:
In Mountains and Anthropus Camps level 7 and higher

Banshee Talons:
In Savannahs and Anthropus Camps level 7 and higher

dragons of atlantis items guide

As before, higher level Wildernesses and Anthropus Camps are more likely to yield the desired items. In addition, keep in mind that item drops are random. You can get the armor piece you want in 10 attacks, 800 and maybe more. Even if it was easy to get an egg, it may prove more difficult to get the armor or vice versa.

Just remember that there is no set number of attacks needed to get items. Even if you have attacked 1,000s of camps and are getting frustrated just remember to keep trying because one day you will see that glorious battle report saying you got just what you are looking for!

Hit anthropus camps for your great dragon armor. Hit level 7+ lakes for your water dragon armor and it has been said to use the great dragon for any other dragon eggs and/or armor though I have seen posts that say armor has been collected without the great dragon AND with the great dragon so that one even I don’t know for certain.

Personally, I haven’t had any luck hitting any wildernesses for eggs or armor because the drops are ‘rare’.

From Malorius
The drop rate for items is related to the number of Anthropus that normally inhabit the location you are attacking. This means that a camp has a much higher drop rate than a wilderness of the same level. Some things only drop in wildernesses, so you don’t have a choice. Anything that drops from camps you should try to obtain from camps, as it’s much easier.

you just have to keep at it. took me over 100 attacks to get the 1st piece then the others came quite quickly.. wave or spam attacking is your best option, I’ve found it works well.

Your other option is to spend a fortune on rubies and buy everything in the shop. …

it sometimes takes awhile to drop but 80 hits isn’t overly exceptional some folk have posted hundreds of hits and still no armour, when you least expect it or are about to give up thats when it will drop lol

Items dropped in camps don’t always appear in your inventory until you refresh or use another item like a nano. Try refreshing the game and then look at your items if you feel you may be missing something.

the end “dragons of atlantis items guide”

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5 Responses to dragons of atlantis items guide

  1. Scott Morask says:

    I have first 3 pieces of FD armor. Then I thought I had the 4th as I got a battle report showing Dragon Talons as an item so I thought I was done. Nope its not in inventory and I can’t attack.The next night I go out again and same damn thing happened. I sent 2 messages to kabam and no reply.
    What are the names for these pieces and have you heard of this problem?

    • DOAG Support says:

      Dragon Talons are not armor, you are looking for the helmet, body, tail and claw … that is what they are called … they are not totally “easy” to get, keep trying, hope you find it soon

      are you doing wave attacks? those work best when hunting

  2. THE BESTOROS says:

    the last FD armor is the hardest armor so far by MY experience but i got it. unlike the FD, i got the wind dragon armor in around 3 days playing 1 hr each day! SO LUCKY!!!!!!!!!

  3. Fernando Alvarez says:

    Do i need a great or element dragon with a march to find wraith dragon armor?

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