water dragon armor

Water Dragon Armor only requires having the requisite Water Outpost first

you can find WD armor from Lakes or should I say a lake … I recommend a lvl 9 or 10 for fastest results. Also, you do not need to scour the map, keep hitting the closest one to you, the armor will come

The Great Dragon must go a long to find the Water Dragon Armor

Also, you need to find the Eggs in order, Water, Stone, Fire, Wind.

Water Dragon Armor – how I found mine in 24 hours! CLICK HERE

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  1. paul says:

    in your way in the blog need a password…why?

    • DOAG Support says:

      because that is strictly for members only … how to find Great Dragon Armor guide must be purchased to gain access to the members only section (at this time, subject to change)

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