Fortuna’s Vault Rewards Reminder




Take advantage of your FREE daily Fortuna’s chance game to win items.

Play 5 days in a row to enter Fortuna’s Vault for a chance to win high level, premium items!

NOTE: If you login every day you NEVER see day 6-7 because you already got the Vault and reset the counter. You need 5 out 7 days.

It restarts the counter once you get the vault.

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2 Responses to Fortuna’s Vault Rewards Reminder

  1. Linn says:

    I’ve been getting the error message “The Realm is very busy right now” for the past 2 days whenever I try to send spies. I’m playing in Leopold, which I think is where you’re at too? It’s pretty frustrating…

    • DOAG Support says:

      I haven’t had time to play today, but yesterday I couldn’t do a damn thing, I know your frustration … glad I didn’t play much today either from what you just told me. I only logged in for a sec to get my Fortuna’s Rewards and then bounced out.

      I have run into this before too

      I guess all we can do is hope they fix what ever may be causing this problem… When players can not do ANYTHING on the map without due to the “realm is busy”, there is something very wrong.

      Did you happen to notice any world chat conversations about others experiencing this? I did not see others complaining yesterday while I lurked. :)
      So I thought it might be just me being annoyed.

      Thanks for letting me know it wasn’t just me and let’s hope it gets better soon.

      Oh, what makes you think I am in Leopold? Just curious.

      Thanks for commenting on my site!!

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