Great Dragon Tips

Some quick Great Dragon Tips:

~ Your Great Dragons CANNOT Die!! They can be hurt and will need time to heal, but they will always recover and can never be killed.

~ Great Dragons ALWAYS Defend!! Even if you Sanctuary your troops the GD still defends. Even injured Dragons will attempt to defend, though they wont be as effective.

~ Great Dragons are NOT counter-spies. Your GD will not defend against being Spied on by another player. You must have Spies and be Defending to prevent being Spied.

~ Great Dragons get bonuses from Aerial Combat, Weapons Calibration, Rapid Deployment, and Dragonry research. But they DO NOT get benefits from Metallurgy nor Medicine. Note: Verifying this has been near impossible and Devs wont confirm or deny so Im still working on proving this beyond a doubt.

~ Great Dragons can be sent on attacks along with your other troops once you have upgraded the Dragons Keep to lvl 8, Researched Aerial Combat lvl 1, and found all 4 pieces of its Great Dragon Armor.

~ Troops sent on Attack with a Great Dragon receive an additional bonus to their Attack stats of 5% per level of the Dragons Keep up to 50% Atk bonus with a lvl 10 Dragon. This bonus applies only when Attacking.

~ Great Dragons are now required to find Elemental Dragon Eggs and Armor in Wilderness Territories. Simply send your Great Dragon along with the attack to have a chance for the drops.

~ Great Dragons sent on an attack have a default “Recovery Time” associated with their use. This will appear as them Healing after an attack even when they havent taken damage. The Great Dragon in your main Castle has the lowest Recovery times of any Dragon.

~ Aerial Combat significantly reduces the Healing/Recovery time needed for your Great Dragon in the Castle and gives a 5% per level Attack bonus to all Great Dragons, but does not influence other stats.

Great Dragon Tips

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