Anthropus Camps and Talisman collecting

I found some Anthropus Camps and Talisman collecting tips on-line and did my own testing. I have now made it to lvl 9 anthropus camps.

It is a way to get Anthropus Talisman without having to buy Rubies!!!

Plus you get a few extra surprises every now and again too …

Troop numbers and Research Levels Needed:
Level 5 – 4k LBM + 200 AT + GD (4 Met, 6 Med, 4 WC, 4 AC)
Level 6 – 10k LBM + 200k AT + GD or ED (6 Met, 5 Med, 5 WC, 7 AC, 6 GD)
Level 7 – 12k LBM + 500 AT + GD (6 Met, 5 Med, 5 WC, 4 AC)
Level 8 – 20k LBM + 700 AT + GD (8 Met, 6 Med, 7 WC, 4 AC)
Level 9 – 38k LBM + 3500 AT + GD (9 Met, 9 Med, 10 WC, 9 AC) HIGHER RESEARCHES
Level 9 – 63k LBM + 4k AT + GD (6 Met, 6 Med, 7 WC, 6AC) LOWER RESEARCHES
Level 10 – 90k LBM + 9700 AT + GD + 300 FM (10 WC, 10 Met, 7 Med, 10 AC)
NOTE: you need a CG for your muster point to be a lvl 10 to attack lvl 10 anthropus camps

Anthropus Camps and Talisman collecting

How do you do your Anthropus Camps and Talisman collecting?

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3 Responses to Anthropus Camps and Talisman collecting

  1. Eric Branham says:

    I have been defeating level 10 camps for the past month by using a great or elemental dragon, 3000 lava jaws , 1000 armored transports and 852 spies. The number of spies you send is not important i just go down the middle of the numeric keypad on the keyboard. Hope this helps someone.

  2. THE BESTOROS says:

    this website is soooo good. ive been usin it for farmin anthros talismans naturally but i just wanted to thank the one who did this. im sooo grateful.LOL thx anyway

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