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Can I start another new City?
No… If the realm is open, you could start using another Facebook or Kabam account. The only other option really is to start over in a new realm.

The ‘end game’?
There is no “final battle” scheduled, proposed, or in planning. The term ‘end game’ applies only to high level player battles where 30mil+ players fight each other or alliances.

Mysterious Clouds??
Long time ago we were told those clouds are areas set aside for dev testing on each realm. They move from time to time but basically you can ignore them.

Are there any differences between the 4 tribes selected at the beginning of the game?
No, thats just storyline. After the initial selection the only results youll see from your choice are aesthetic. Gameplay is the same for all Races. Your Avatar selection, the color of your Castle Dragon Egg, and the appearance of lvl 11 buildings are all that change. READ MORE HERE

Also, how do u know what server you are on and how do I start on another server?
Next to the Change Realm button in the top right corner of the game screen is the name of your current server. Click the Change Relam button to see a list of all available severs (Realms). The Realm with the dot next to it is your current server, check another to change servers.

When should I start building my army & raiding other people?
Start building asap. Start attacking when newbie protection drops. There is no easier way to get large amounts of resources then to raid other cities. Inactive cities are safer, active cities are usually more profitable.

What troops should I start training first?
To start off dont forget to build the cons and hals the newbie quests recommend, theyre essentially free. But for your real army Id suggest starting with Armored Transports, Minotaurs, and LongBowmen. They do rather well on low level wilds and will be a good base to begin building your army. Plus, they are rather easy to unlock.

Who can attack my city?
Anyone can attack your city at any time… after your initial 7 day protection from the start of the game.

If someone attacks you, what happens if you dont defend?
If you are attacked while your troops are in Sanctuary the attacker wins by just defeating your Great Dragon. They get to loot your resources and gold. But your city doesnt suffer and your troops stay safe. The Vault will help protect some of your resources, but not gold. The Dragon will heal over time.

Is there a combat simulator for DOA?
There are players who have made some really great calculators for measuring battle stats and comparing army strengths as well as troop training and marching time tables and other wonderful features. But as for a true and reliable battle simulator, I havent seen one yet. But here is a link and info for a great companion program for DoA made by Joshua Cox: DoA Helper

Does Rapid Deployment affect dragon movement speed between targets?
Rapid Deployment and Dragonry definitely effect the speed of EVERY troop type even though its doesnt say so in the descriptions. ALL troops benefit from both RD and Dragonry bonuses and can therefore reach double their Base Speed with fully upgraded techs.

What is the max amount you can reduce Battle Dragon training speed down to?
The min is about 34 seconds. At 22 Garrisons fully upgraded you should be standing at 37 seconds per BD depending on if you have level 10s and your Rook level. I never modeled further so cant give you exact times past that.

What is the system used for Wall Resistance?
Wall Resistance appears to still be a matter of debate. I maintain it is damage mitigation that reduces the Atk Damage of attacking troops by a percentage, meaning the defenders take less damage and therefore live longer which allows them to do more damage to attackers. It has been argued that Resistance is actually a Defense stat modifier just like Glowing Shields, boosting the damage output of the defending army by a percentage without mitigating attack damage.

Can I buy resources?
No, see how to get more resources HERE.

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